Opinions please ?


Currently designing a logo for a Marketing agency called Richardson & Lynch. They are wanting a corporate, contemporary and up market design to their logo and branding. If anyone can provide some feedback on this initial logo it would be great to hear.

Richardson & Lynch

I actually like the font for Richardson and Lynch. It has a nice corporate feel to it.

The only think I would experiment with is the ampersand. I think you need something that will shockingly contrast with the other font to give it that contemporary and upmarket feel.

Smashing magazine has a good article on ampersands. While I'm not sure if any featured in the article will be suitable, it would be a good starting point.
I like it, I can also see it in 2 colour with the & a shocking pink. It doesn’t really say marketing agency to me though so (and I’m sure you’ve already done this) try so more fonts out.
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Katie and Minuteman - I have chosen Helvetica for the font as it sat the best with the ampersand as it is a pretty non-stated font and also the concept behind it is that Richardson and Lynch are on an even keel, the '&' section is the predominant part, the bringing of the two together which in turn is reflected in the companies ethos of bringing their clients together with their markets.

Thanks Bigsmile, it needs a corporate feel to it which I think Helvetica does the job (is their a more coroporate font than the font used by the american government on it's tax forms lol ). But it does need to have a contemporary and upmarket look to it which the introduction of the ampersan was to help with. Do you have any suggestions for type of ampersand ? To acieve the contemporary and upmarket style I wanted to combine the sans serif font with the serif ampersand.

DJB - Shocking pink ? Really and why ?

Blanchard - Thanks for the comment and I totally agree, the ampersand will have colour introduced into it as part of the branding, it is the integral part to their branding that we are wanting to introduce and so a colour variation will be a necessary, not sure about shocking pink though DJB ;)

Thanks again for all your comments :)
I was perhaps a teensy bit drunk when I suggested shocking pink, but you mentioned the logo should look 'corporate, contemporary and up market' - I think the Richardson Lynch text covers the corporate and up market bits and the ampersand being pink (or indeed any bright colour) would cover the contemporary bit. I don’t know? Was it one beer too many or a moment of genius? I like to think the latter but I’ve been wrong before!