Opinions Please


Morning, :icon_smile:

I want to start promoting my company within the local area, but don't really want to be cold-calling, because if somebody called me, I probably wouldn't give them a chance. So in the same way, I wouldn't really expect them to give me a chance to get my message across.

So my question is: Would it be beneficial to e-mail local businesses with my services and examples of my work?

I am thinking this would be a much better option as it means that they can see my work straight away.

Another question: Is there anything I need to put in the e-mail so it isn't seen as spam?

I've heard a lot about e-mail marketing where there has to be an 'opt-out' option.

Would like to hear your thoughts :icon_smile:

I just think if you are targetting local businesses and can present well, dress up smart, go out there and visit with samples of your work, face to face is ALWAYS better in my opinion. Alternatively, maybe an e-mail with something following up in the post a week later.

The "opt out" option on an e-mail is a legal requirement if I am correct, it just gives the receiver the opportunity to say..."please don't e-mail me again". Obviously, if they do respond then you need to enure you don't contact them again, via e-mail anyway :icon_wink:
Hey Curtis

I agree with Boss hog

Dress up and go charm them with your personality and work

What I would suggest is going to a local business that has been going for a while with has a nice list of clients themselves, someone like a photographer or something that is in a similar business but their clients could benefit from your service, offer the photographer/local business some pro bono work in return they will sing your praises ( if you dont cock it up obviously) to their clients

If they can make some money off you that would benifit them as well or you will just get some priceless word of mouth advertising

Good Luck Recession Soldiers....sorry that was a bit cheese:icon_smile:
I would recommend face to face meetings and other face to face networking. But be careful about just turning up at business's without any form of appointment etc, as some business's will be fine with it but some really won't. In the past when I was working at an design agency we used to occasionally get people popping in without an appointment and its used to drive the directors mad....not a good first impression.

People are busy and just like people kncoking at your home address and trying to sell to you, it can sometimes upset people, that said...

Maybe email them before with a introduction that isn't pushy and then try to get an appointment time to pop in and show your work.