opinions on my logo design


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Apologies; I posted this in another section of the forum and I can't work out how to remove it from there.

I'm relaunching my graphic design identity and I'm going with 'vitrine'. That's a glass display case for those who don't know... slightly esoteric and appropriate as a portfolio/showcase device.

The logo I want to be classy and to not date quickly. I'm using Baskerville and I've created a discretionary ligature for the I and the T (it didn't come with the font); to represent flair, elegance, typographic passion. The right half felt empty after that.. I tried various options and am leaning slightly towards this one... the star is an artefact and the tail of the E is the vitrine. But that's possibly a) tenuous; b) crap and c) unnecessary.

What do you think?


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I really like what you've done with i and the t, it does have that sense of elegance you're after. I think that's enough flair for a logo and the other half shouldn't look empty. I do feel the addition of the star ruins the overall look. Let us see what you finally go with :)
lol sorry, that was a bit blunt. But I really like the rest - it's a nice bit of type. The star doesn't sit with it and it isn't necessary - the custom ligature is your mnemonic.
The name's a bit of an oddity. Springs to mind 'vitrous latrine'. :icon_scared: Does it mean anything?