Opinions of my new site please

Hey guys

Im new here so let me take a second to introduce myself, im Chris from solar graphic design- a company i made a few years back. i have just made a new site for ourselves at SGD

and would be grateful if you could take a look and tell me what you think.

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I like it although the first thing that stands out for me is the quality of your logo and the text in most of your images, did you have anti aliasing switched off as it's made the text look too sharp and blocky.
Yeah, I do like it, maybe not the music, but that's personal preference I suppose.

As Damon has mentioned, it does look very distorted on some of the text, more so when you've bevelled it.

The only other thing I'd mention is that the loading times could be made a little better as people easily get bored.

Good luck with it :icon_thumbup:
thanks guys. i will see what i can do about the anti-alising, it is rather off putting. About the load times, i guess i could try reducing the quality of the audio and video?
The thing about these sort of sites that annoys me the most is the waiting for things to load & then only to see a single line of text....I'm also of the opinion that putting music on websites is a risky thing to do - the choice of music says an awful lot & different people will interpret it differently.
I agree with the other comments. I also find the navigation a little unclear - you've got something in every corner and I'm not sure where to look.
The comments above withheld, its fairly presentable :)

Is there a reason you wanted to make your entire site in flash?
I´m not on the best of connections at the moment (in a hotel in China), but perhaps that´s a good test. It really didn´t work so well I´m afraid. The animations were a bit jerky (am on a netbook though) and the loading sign came up just a few times too often.

Have you thought about doing an alternative html version maybe? From what I saw it would be fairly straightforward - then give people the choice of what they load.