Opinion on my logo designs, please


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Hello all!

I'm new to this forum and would like your opinion on these logo designs.

The logo is derived from the company motto "Putting your ideas into shapes" ==> that's why the "C" shapes

Any constructive opinion is more than welcome. Same for any tips, advice or suggestions :)

Thank you in advance!

1. basic logo
2. colour variation
3. alternative shape positioning for small height horizontal print, etc.
4. completely alternative logo

logo [white inside].jpg

logo [blue-gray inside].jpg

logo [white outside].jpg

logo [alternative].jpg
4th one is the best (bottom)
Yellow on white = ACK!
Obviously you will need to look at doing something for print material but yellow on white = no no imo
hmm C4, could be a block of C4, could really be an explosive logo ;) (ie a logo with a bang ;) ) heheh

does it have to be yellow? if so then I think your looking at using the dark background too for print
Thanks for your reply!

The base colours for the company are Red & Yellow. So there will be a red version as well. And the yellow won't be used in print on white. It's just my base I use so I can easily alter the colours.

The 4th one was actually my original choice, you're right, it does represent 4 C's as a shape, where the top-right C is just being slotted into place. I just wanted a more elegant way of of aligning the shapes and the text. So that's why I came up with the other versions, which only have 3 C's. In my opinion it looks better, but it loses from it's message.

So I would really, really appreciate if someone could tell me how to make the 4 C's version surround the text as in the 3 C version, or at least position it in a way that it just not sits on the left alone.
These logo's look like they may have been done in Photoshop?

If so, get them in Illustrator and re trace them. It's very important that a logo is vector based.

I like the top one because when the logo is widely used (say on someone else's promotional material.. You know, when you get lots of little logo's at the bottom of a leaflet), logos that don't sit in a box look more pro and slick.

As the above says. Yellow on white is a risk however, I've recently designed the logo below, using yellow on white and it's worked.
I've tackled this by being very careful about my colour pallet. I've used yellow gradients and I guess more importantly, chosen a more of a yellow occur rather than a signal yellow.

Add some gradients, I feel this will enhance the logo and make it pop off the page more. Other than that it's a nice logo. Well put together and not over crowded.:icon_smile:
Just to add.

Use the 4th logo but with no black:icon_wink:
I like the fourth design too.
Maybe move the type closer and make the black solid black. Other than that it looks great.


Be careful with gradients as they can cause issues when printing certain things. Just make sure you have a non gradient version that works as well as your gradient one. :icon_smile:
Steve, about your logo..

rarely will adding gradients "enhance" a logo, often times it hinders it as mentioned before, gradients cause havoc in printing ..I've learnt that the hard way.

Secondly, just a crit on your logo, its a bit of a contradiction that its called direct speakers, yet you have arrows going in opposite directions?....that doesnt communicate directness..well, atleast to me anyway. The black arrow looks uncomfortable and is masking the dot on the "i" so doesnt make it instantly legible.