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Hi all

My small business startup is going to focus on image repair and restoration. Here's the current logo design, any crit or suggestions much appreciated




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Quite like the image concept but feel it might look better above the text (doesn't really balance as it is with the brush handle sticking up like that). Not crazy about the font though and think you need a capital 'M'.
Thanks, I agree about the font choice but I've been through my whole library and can't seem to find one that works. Actually thinking about it now I'm wondering if it's not working because there's no movement in the text. I'll have a look through the italics section and see what I can come up with, will tweak sizes / layout too. 2.0 coming soon...


I like the concept too, but feel the paint needs separating from the brush bristles, possibly via a 'squiggly' line (sorry for the none-design vocabularly).
For what it's worth, bearing in mind I'm dyslexic, when I first viewed it, I read it as paint my snatch.:icon_blushing:

Probably says more about me than anything else...
Hmm that's a new one. My biggest problem before now was having an acronymn of PMS :icon_blushing:
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