Open Mic Night Poster Critique

I've designed a poster for a weekly Open Mic Night event, by the way the big black box will have the pub details in there. And the image inside the circle is of the pub itself.

But I would like your opinions on it so far please. Many thanks in advance.

Hi Wavy, it would be nice to see how you layout the Pub details at the bottom.

Who is supplying the copy?
If this event is every week, should it not say ‘Every Fridays at 8:30pm’... until what time?

I can see how you've used a guitar as the background but could you try rotating the guitar and microphone, basically to make it a little abstract.

You need to experiment with typography, particularly when this is an ongoing event.
The section about “free print” should stand out!

I initially read the poster as “Pen Mic Night”, having realised that the photograph makes up the “O” to make ‘Open’. I don’t think the heading is clear to read at quick glance.

You could make the poster seem like a special event, so having ‘Pub name presents… Open Mic Night… Free print for all performers… Every Fridays at 8:30pm… etc’.

The poster needs more energy and perhaps a hint of colour!