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Ive never had other designers critique our work before, so thought I would give it a shot!

We mainly produce identity, but there is some print stuff on there and a couple of things that I need to upload too.

Have a look and fire away:

Thanks guys

The work looks good, not so keen on the site - it looks a bit 'bog standard' like you haven't designed it up to the standards of the top banner and the work itself. Too many grads and boxes - clean it all up a bit. Think of it like the letterheads etc you've designed.

Also, the word is 'stationery'.


I was actually only looking for critique on the design work, but thanks for the pointers on the website though. Im still teaching myself web design and the site is very new, so im still changing things dramatically.
if you already do graphic design and you want to learn web design, I recommend Softpress Freeway. It works pretty much like a dtp app and you can do some pretty cool stuff with it without learning all the dull techy stuff.
That looks quite cool actually. I have a mac, but dont like it, im more a PC man (I know, shoot me!). For some reason, I just cant get away with using a mac.

I think ill download it and give it a bash though!

im more a PC man (I know, shoot me!)

What for? :icon_confused: Using the more flexible platform?

I don't think so :icon_wink:

websites not too shabby :) if your learning then try looking at some competing websites code and decipher what they're doing to give the site that look.

Obviously, building websites is a time consuming business and coupled with being your own critic it will be very hard to settle on a design - keep playing around and see whats possible.
The layout is ok but, it feels like a domestic site which I'm sure is not the look you intend to put across.
Try rethinking the blurb on the front page as well, it'll give it more of a professional feel :icon_smile:
the site looks a little to basic like SparkCreative commented, but also looks clean, im sure you will add to it or change little things in time.
Your work looks really cool, and to be honest the nothing really to fualt in it, but as otheres have pointed out, the website isnt really up to the standards of the other work, I feel it slightly lacks foundation, and all the elements are sort of loose and out of place?

Hope this helps :)

I like your design work - it's very good. I looked at your logo design examples which re great, nice work. I agree with the above comments about improving your website design but the actual work in your portfolios are very good :)