online ordering systems


I'm looking for a solution for a client. The client needs their customers to be able to place orders online, no money is transacted, it's just simply the same as "putting a beer on tab".

The reason no money will be transacted is because the customers who will have access to this ordering system already have an account with the company, the customer pays the outstanding balance to the client on a monthly basis offline. Currently the customers call the company and verbally order products, the cost is taken care of at the end of each month when they clear the outstanding amount on their account.

I have looked for solutions online, and obviously I could pay a company to "host" a database and I login to add products etc. - But I'm trying to figure out if there is an easier way which would be fully supported by the website itself, much like a traditional cart except when checking out, there is no payment section, it's just a simple "select products" "confirm order" and then "order sent" (customers can verify who they are by entering their account number and name etc. or by logging in to their own secure area at the beginning)

I'm 99% sure this can be done with MySQL, a database can store the products and log in username/password,

can anybody see this being a problem?
or have a better solution?

update - I found jCart in another thread and essentially I could just change the php script to send an email instead of leading to the paypal page.

Great find on the jCart djb.

I have an online system that can be used for you.

My system can be white labelled and has authorise users and standard ordering users, it is mainly designed for printed matter, but can have static products which can be called off.

Give me a shout on [email protected] and I will send you a login to check it out....