Online Graphic Design Courses


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Hi all

I am looking to train in Graphic Design but don't have the time or money to go back to Uni and have been researching online courses. The best two I have found are the below:



Has anyone ever used them or had any experience of them?

Could anyone recommend either or post their review of the course if they have taken it at some point please?

Any advice would be great thank you.

Kind regards

What area of graphic design are you looking to get into? Publishing, video, animation, printing, web design or other?
Printing and web design in general, so I want to learn the basics and up so more the fundamentals of Graphic Design, colour Theory, Typography, Print, Photography etc etc.


Have you tried Udemy, CodeAcademy, Lynda? These don't offer any certification, but I think that some courses are truly useful. Yeah, the majority of them are such a waste of time, but...
Not sure if you're just after some basic short courses, but I studied a degree course online while working full time.

It was really tough, and expensive (I couldn't afford the final year - financially or timewise unfortunately, so finished with a Diploma rather than a degree) but that was through 'Interactive Design Institute' (IDI) via University of Hertfordshire if you want to check it out.

Downsides were it was very academic, I found the essays and theory work a bit excessive and boring, but some of it was def necessary! Upside, could do any time I wanted, and gave me a start, but have to be really serious about it!
I'm using Skillshare :

really interesting, lot of classes on different kinds of area. Business, illustration, productivity, photo, 3d, graphic design, UI/UX etc...Actually you've got a nice offer 0,99$ for the first 3months. Nothing to lose, try it ;)
I am also looking to polish my skills and give them a support with some certifications and diplomas. By profession, I am an SEO Expert, but in out working, there is much need for designing social media posts, infographics, and ppt's. So kindly leave suggestions for me also.