Online courses?


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Hi all,
I need some advice regarding courses. I work full time in a job that has nothing to do with graphic design but I want to get some training, possibly good! to develop design skills. I'm not so interested in web design while I'm interested in advertising, logos, packaging and prints.
I'm thinking more and more that and online course would suit me the best at the moment. Any advice on that? something that gives me the tools to start and some background as well? for a reasonable cost?
Please let me know if you have any info about this!Thank you a lot!

I too have been looking for a online course so if anyone knows of a good one that too would be great.

However I notice you are based in Brighton. There are a couple of good courses that the Brighton City College run. One ion Wednesday evenings starting in September. Its a introduction in Graphic Design. I am currently doing this course and have found thats its now its a career change that I want to make.

I'd say that if you can, get in to the Brighton City College courses that ClareMac mentioned. I'm going to be starting a course with the Interactive Design Institute in a few months, but if I had access to a non-distance college I would jump at it (face to face support etc). That said, the Interactive Design Institute does look good, so check it out - Graphic Design Degrees | Interior Design Courses | Study Online @IDI. The GDF member trudy.collins is starting in June, so may be worth messaging as she may have more up to date info than me (I don't start until October). They do courses up to degree level, but also the Foundation Diploma Art & Design which may suit your needs.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on with finding a course.
What a small world! I am looking to study with IDI myself. :icon_smile: But as ThreeFallingDucks said if I could enrol into face 2 face tuition course I would rather so maybe worth to give a Brighton College a go...