One off poster prints


As a bit of a spin off project I'm thinking about producing some posters to order, these posters will be particular to an individual and I will produce unique one off artwork based on the individual commission.

Just to state, this is a hobby/pocket money spinner, not a new business plan.

I anticipate them being A3 (however I can obviously make them any size I like) and I will then require getting them suitably printed.

I've been looking at using a simple online photo printing service, such as Photobox who offer poster prints reasonably cheap (around a tenner posted) and I'm pretty sure I can get them sent to an alternative delivery address so that actually handles all of that quite nicely. I need to price these right so they are inciting so I need to factor in my time to produce them, the production and delivery cost and make sure the product is worthy of the final price.

However it doesn't appear very professional and the buyer will no doubt receive their poster in a branded tube with loads of marketing bumf.

Early days yet, but if my plan kicks off then I might want to offer mugs, canvas, etc. and all the sort of stuff these personalised print companies offer. So the Photobox offering is quite comprehensive.

When I order business cards and the like I have trade accounts, these are sent direct to the client in unmarked packaging. The printers I use don't offer these kind of consumer products so can anyone recommend a similar trade service that will does this kind of one off? or am I best off sticking with PhotoBox because of their competitive pricing on these kind of products and biting the bullet on how it's delivered?

thanks in advance


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I don't think you'll be able to beat the price of the print on demand companies as they're set up for that kind of thing.
I used to work for one.

If you're starting with posters then why not use a local company so you can whack them in your own tubes and mail them out yourself?
It'll be more expensive though.

I had an A2 one done at a fine art printers and archive paper which cost a little under £20.

For mugs the company I was at used to use a company called Keramakos who do Dye Sublimation.


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give instant print ago.

Good value for money and excellent customer service!!!

Had some flyers done by them and a few were messed up on the laminate - sent them pics etc and I had another 500 devliered in 3days

They're also doing me some posters for an exhibition at West Studios :D