Oh My!! :-)


Well...acidentally got me a part-time design job at a local printer :icon_clapping:
Basically, just nipped in with cousin to sort out some printing, we got chatting about how he regularly needed a designer and would prefer to have in-house instead of out-sourcing, and I told him I was out of full-time work!
Not the most amazing job, it's just leaflets, business cards and stuff, min wage, but still, chuffed to bits as it should keep me 'ticking over' for a bit while I recover from being made redundant. :icon_biggrin:

That really is brilliant! Part time is possiblya good thing depending on what appeals to you in terms of your career.

Just think, it gives you a steady small wage, which hopefully will allow you to perhaps build up a freelance sideline also? You get the best of both worlds then, a bit of stability and also a freelance career.

Thanks! :icon_thumbup:

Yeah that's why I'm so chuffed as it allows me to stop worrying about paying my bills and I can still slowly build up my folio/client base.

Oh well done Esh. Really great news. So very pleased.

Will be learning curves and we're all here to help. Feel free to PM if it's a question you don't want to publish.

Brilliant news.
Good luck in your new job. No doubt your software knowledge and skills will dramatically improve because of the turnaround times you'll be working to.

I myself found working for a printers the best way to gather a greater knowledge of industry. Knowing about finishing, papers stocks etc will in-turn help you to improve the way you design.
Well said Toppers - working in a printers does help designers gain a huge amount of knowledge about printing - what works best on what stock etc. And gain knowledge about how to present files, different papers, how long print takes (and sometimes how long it takes to dry if you don't have UV drying). So well done Esh!
Well done mate! Might try it myself.... In a big company like Moving Picture company... haha :icon_wink: