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I work design/marketing for a company who need a high-resolution version of their logo. For some reason, the designer who created the logo only left them with very low-resolution versions which are obviously only intended for screen use, not print (unless they were going for a "Where's Wally?" effect where clients had to search around the page for a tiny logo). There are no original photoshop or illustrator files, just a few jpegs.

The logo can be found at Dealer finance, car loans broker, used car dealer, car finance - the question I'm asking is, how do you guys think the (horrible) swoosh was made? The font looks like Myriad Pro (or something extremely similar. There are a few elements of the typeface which are different but I don't know if it's noticeable enough to try and hunt it down. It's really just the swoosh around the logo that I need to figure out. I don't know if it was done in a cheap 3D program or something, or done using blending options? Any help would be great, as I'm not sure my boss would be up for a full re-brand at this point in time! It's basically down to me to sort it out, and it looks like the company has severed ties to the original designer so I can't just call them.

I'd appreciate any and all input!

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I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the swoosh came from a stock photography site - might be worth a quick search through istock or shutterstock. Otherwise though I would imagine it wouldn't be difficult to re-create in illustrator, using the correct tools. Exactly how I'm afraid I can't help with, I've not yet done anything 3D looking in illustrator, I tend to use C4D for that :/
Yeah I've had a look and there's not a whole lot.. maybe I'm searching for the wrong terms. "Metallic Swoosh" definitely doesn't come up with anything haha.. I shall keep on searchin! I've never used illustrator for that kind of thing. I also kinda think it looks kind of messy, and now could be a good time to bring the design in-house and freshen it up a little. Who knows if they'll go for that. Thanks for the response, though!
Draw the ellipse in black, drag it into Photoshop. Effects>Emboss with tweak to Contour setting and you should have something very similar.
Draw an oval/elpise, duplicate and make the copy slightly smaller, place in front and minus front. It looks like it is bevel and embossed in which case copy into Indesign and apply the effect - at least you'd be getting a vector that way
Actually, just did this quickly in Illustrator, not perfect but what you get for a 2minute effort :icon_biggrin:


So what I said before only don't copy into Indesign, apply an inner glow only set it to multiply (with black as the colour) and around 70% opacity. Then draw a curved line in a light grey colour, muck around with the width tool / line thickness then expand it, copy the oval shape thingy, paste on top; select that and the grey expanded line and make a clipping make.

Just thought I'd show you guys what I ended up with. Thanks so much for the tips, they were greatly appreciated. It's not a perfect copy (my version is the bottom, the original on top of the image) but it was ugly in the first place and at least they're vector objects now. Thanks again, guys!