website launched today

I quite like the design but bit disappointed it isn't responsive, especially considering the first slide on your banner. Although, to be fair, your site does look OK on my HTC. Also no HTML5??? In some places on the page the design and colours do feel a bit busy for my head on a Monday morning, but it has impact I think. You also need to make sure that www redirects to non-www or vice versa, that's like 'web design 101'!
Thanks for your reply, appreciate the comments. I could have made it responsive, but not necessary. I don't think this means it can't look great on any device. Personally I think responsive sites can be annoying as I like a user to be able to have their navigation stay in the same place and not have images resizing and jumping all over the place. I think it has a place in web design but these features are over used and the novelty may wear off. I have built mobile sites and responsive sites for previous employers but clients often revert back to non-responsive as they have had a negative result on their own SEO. Personal taste I guess. Also happy to be busy rather than bland. I feel far too many design companies these days opt for the clean 'text-only" style website where they get lost amongst the masses. I've never been afraid of committing to a strong design to promote a business. I receive more positive comments than negative so that's cool. Again, personal taste. I have sorted the www redirect, it was on my list today, so thank again. As far as I can see, the site validates as HTML5 too so all good.
Nice clean but eye catching design, it's hard to get a balance between simplicity and innovation these days but I think you've done a pretty good job :)
The header/background is nice, but below the fold things feel a little dull to me, particularly when it comes to the typography (the way the categories are just listed as bullet points for example).

I'd start by making the type size larger and adjust the spacing after the paragraphs to give the text space to breath. The header image is bold and vibrant but the type feels a bit 'neutral' and straight to the point. I think it needs to be bolder and more attention grabbing.
Very nice design and layout, love the colours used. The main banner for me was a little slow (Could be my internet connection) but apart from that it looks clear and professional! Hope this helps! :)