NUGFX v1.4 feedback


okie dokie as i said in a diff post the other day I needed to update my website as I found a few errors when trying to create new parts to the site, the new update is not 100% finished yet but most of it is place, just need to work a bit more on my homepage, add my web design work to portfolio, but the code is done, ill finish it off 2morrow as its almost 4am :D

anyway what you lot think so far.

NUGFX Creative Website and Graphic Design Services Liverpool, St Helens, Manchester and throughout the UK
The design of the website looks good but I'd work on the copy a bit. I also think the links to articles on the front page are a bit weird with the 'pop up' descriptions. If users don't know to roll over the big empty space then it is just a big empty space... If that makes sense. I'd also remove the adsense adverts right away. Whilst looking at your web design packages (and prices) Google threw up an advert for 'Free Website Designs' and one for 99Designs logos. Your average punter is going to compare £850 with Free and draw their own conclusions. They also look tacky as hell in a business site.
yeah i aint fixed my widgets yet ill b doing that today, as for the pop up with empty space i can link a image to that so its not empty space its a image then the text pops over the image to tell u about the article, ill post an update when its all done :D

when u mean copy what u mean "the copyright?"
It's a bit dark for my liking but that's just me :)

I'd personally create custom thumbnails for the portfolio links, so that you have a theme running through them, even if it's just the logos in black on a light grey background (not as in your face as black on white). At the minute they look a bit haphazard.

Also agree about the adverts. Keep all advertising and anything that could send potentially send people away from your site, off your main pages. If you want to monetise your site, just have the adverts on your blog. Consider also blocking crowdsourcing sites and the such like that could appeal more to your target market than your own site does.
okie dokie now the site is updated and almost finished now (thank god) all seo is done now, the "blank empty articles" on the mainpage as corrosive said now have imagery so it doesnt look lost. also when u mean the text do u mean rewrite it? (if so :( im not the best at writing lol) and yes paul i will do that with the white backgrounds on the portfolio images (atm im just pulling the images from my old layout(which was white bg)

how do u block the crowd sourcing adverts? im not upto scratch with adsense

also thanks for the comments and crits :D
If you're going to use thumbnail images for the featured articles section then make sure that the images are the same size. Looks wrong having the Tracy's one a different size and shape to the Nugfx one.