Nottingham Trent Vs Norwich College Of Arts for graphic design?


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I have a huge choice to make in a very short space of time as my first choice didn't work out. I would really appreciate any advice whatsoever.

I am trying to find out as much about these two courses as possible to make sure I make the right decision.

I was thinking I would go with Nottingham until recently when I had another look at some of the students work. From what I've seen it all seems very illustrative which is not an area that I am particularly strong in. I don't usually include illustrations in my work however I am not against it at all. That said I'm a bit worried that I could be about to go on the wrong course for my style of work. When I went to my interview they assured me that they didn't have a house style, which may be true, but is there enough freedom.

I quite like the look of Norwich and the work produced, although I think I prefer Nottingham as a city. Also which has the better reputation and which one has more sought after students after graduation?

If anyone has any input at all it would be a great help,
In my opinion, if you're going to a uni based on the location, you can't really be picky about the course.

If you're really set on getting into the design industry - which it seems like you are - there are a few things I'd look at with each course. How much live/real project work there is and how many outside speakers from agencies come in. Do you get businesses come in with live project work, how many periods of work placement there are, is there any focus on life outside of uni, IE - modules on freelancing / business etc..

Believe it or not, a lot of design courses forget all of these things, and just like to teach students how to use Illustrator, or how to bind a sketchbook, which whilst is good at the time, doesn't really help you when you leave university.