Not strictly design - View , critique needed

So a friend asked for a new desk to be " Designed " so , after a few minutes understanding his needs and a few hours rendering and modeling later ... I came up with this


Comments appreciated...
I like it, it's modern & neat. Are you designing this with a view to it being constructed? The only problem I can see with it is that there is that supporting post below the keyboard area with a shelf below it. Ergonomically speaking, there would be no room for someone to sit 'under/at' the desk in a charir without being having to squeeze into the corner. To make things line up neatly I'd move that supportive slat at the start of the shelf and not at the centre of it...the one under the keyboard. Please forgive me if how I explained myself makes absolutely no sense whatsoever :icon_tongue_smilie: but I tried!
Constructed ? Yes ,

It was designed for simple construction for a friend that dosen't have fancy tools i.e. Lazering Machines , just his RAW HANDS! but erm yeah
I totally understand the dilema , its either... Storage space or work space which If They did have a lazer CNC Machine , what I'd do is... ( I'd inplant a curved gap where each workstation is , so the stool fits snug in the curved gap so you can fully lean on the desk

Latest picture showing the work areas
and btw I am purely doing this to get better at 3d designing as ... I dream to become an architect or a job that pays me to do 3d design... yet I have no idea where to begin on finding companies that do that sort of thing
Good, keep practising. In another lifetime, I wanted to be an architect then got side-stepped into graphics! Some other areas that include 3D design are: interior architecture, interior design, landscape gardening, landscape architecture, product design, not to mention 3D graphics/animation, automotive design and many others...I understand the pressure due to deadlines for college/uni and getting the right grades etc, don't limit yourself too much at your age just pick up the basics ESPECIALLY hnad rendered drawings (you'll need to be more than good) and learn what YOU like, then you'll know where to place yourself in the 3D world. There are so many options and like graphics its competitive, but you appear to be on track. :icon_smile:
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There are so many options and like graphics its competitive, but you appear to be on track. :icon_smile:

Well , Ideally I'd do product design and get a masters in that... but then again... where does that leave in terms of getting a job ? who the heck hires product designers?

and sketch rendered ? Explain.

Also I doubt I will be able to take this course at uni because I wont have A level maths , even though I'll have physics which is just applied maths and a good portfolio of stuff... who knows , they might let me in!
Are we commenting on the design of a desk or helping with career advice?! :)

Re. the desk - you need to consider the working circle that one person requires. You might be able to fit 3 or 4 keyboards on a desk, but think about elbow room, space for pads, coffee cups and creating a comfortable working area.

Curves don't require CNC machining...just a jigsaw and/or a router!

I'd also thrash this out using pen and paper before jumping into rendering. Measure your own working area.
There are also British Standards guides on correct working spaces for people.

In terms of product design, it's a tough world, but I'd advise working towards good rounded qualifications in sciences and art/design and then apply for a foundation course as well as applying for your engineering course.
Foundations aren't generally based on academic grades, just good folios. I wasn't academic in terms of grades, but did Foundation and then went on to do product design degree.

I now design graphics for packaging and retail (kind of a mix of 2 and 3D.)
You have no idea how at ease that puts me now , I can freely take my subjects at A level , thankfully! and Yeah , My ideas are generally above anybody elses hahaha
Looks okay aesthetically but very hotdesky (I wouldn't want to occupy one of those seats for too long).
The shelves on the top left would need a support would they not? Also the shelves underneath it all would be a pain to use. Could you not lose the shelves underneath and have some kind of fancy support for the upper ones. Love the sofa.
Yeah I just go ahead and design lavish things whilst forgetting if it was made in practise... physics wouldn't allow for it
Currently I am semi-studying assembler programming , one of the most basic and difficult languages to learn... however , I have no money so I' can't actually program any microchips xD Stupid £50 programming kit -.-

Yeah , thanks for the feedback guys , its been really super helpfull