Non-disclosure agreement Help


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Hi guys,

I need to create a NDA. While I get the 'jist' of them, I don't really know specifically what to write or what is should or shouldn't say for it to be official and professional. I am also thinking about things like layout and design presentation. Or should it be a non designed, 'bog standard' A4 letter, with basic paragraphs and bullet points? I'm not really sure where to begin or how exactly to go about it.

I am probably over thinking it but I basically need help with the NDA's written content, as that is what is most important.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Are there any useful templates for NDA's or if someone is kind enough to send me their NDA, I can edit it and make my own?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.
I need it for a current personal project I am working on in collaboration with others. I would like them to sign a NDA before I send them any files or too much details on the requirements. Also, it would be good to have one in general if needed for future work, as I can simply edit it to fit the requirements of a brief.
You want a unilateral NDA. Here's a sample one -

I don't think you need to/can specify what would happen if the party/parties broke the NDA as you can just proceed with legal proceedings if and when it happens. You just need to ensure that what cannot be disclosed is clearly stated in the contract.

I'm not a legal expert though, and if it's something you're genuinely concerned about, it's worth seeking legal advice to ensure your NDA is tight.
That's for the PDF Paul, it looks to be a great help. I am not really too concerned tbh, as the people I will look be working with seem to be trustworthy. I just thought it best to cover myself for this current project and any other future work I may need to do in collab in the future. I felt at this moment in time an NDA would be more appropriate than a contract, as we are still agreeing upon and finalising terms etc before a contract is signed. In case there are any hiccups and we have to amicably part ways due to not being able to reach a final agreement, I want to know I am somewhat covered with the privacy of any information or files I need to send them prior to a contract.

You just need to ensure that what cannot be disclosed is clearly stated in the contract.

I wouldn't want anything about the project to be disclosed, I feel it is paramount that everything stays only between myself and the people I am collaborating with, until the brief is fully complete. Once they sign the NDA, is it still necessary for it all to be written in the contract as well? Or can the contact simply state, in reference to the NDA, that everything signed in the NDA must be abided by as part of the contract?
I suppose you could refer it simply as "Project [Name]" and that any details about the project are not to be disclosed publicly by any parties that sign the NDA. I think that would cover your back, though I'd give examples of what cannot be disclosed, such as work in progress screenshots, or statements referring to the project via social media.
After reading the PDF of the NDA you posted, there are a couple of points that I would need to delete. For example, section 4.4 talks about the agreement being interpreted in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of California. Obviously that section would not apply as I live in London. And there is another section that is a bit OTT for what my project is for. I assume if I change and alter this NDA as required and delete parts that do not apply, it will still be deemed a valid NDA?