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Hi peeps,

I went to the launch of ATTIK's latest book - NoiseFive last night. If you're into design books and experimental print techniques then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy.

While it isn't cheap (£65), ATTIK reckon they will only break even when the limited run of 3000 books are sold. Where NoiseFour was mass produced by a major publisher, ATTIK had no control over the materials or print, which for any designer is as much a part of the process as creating the artwork. They have funded this one themselves so it's not about making profit - it's all about self-indulgent design and print, which is really refreshing.

The book features experimental designs from ATTIKs various studios around the world along with the history of the design agency which I haven't read yet, but from knowing a little about ATTIK, I reckon it will be an interesting read.

The reason it cost so much to produce is that it really pushes the boundaries and uses 30 different spot colours throughout printed on 9 very different stock materials and also contains 40+ print finishing techniques:
Matt Laminate
Spot UV Gloss Varnish
Cellotex Textured Varnish
Phosphorescent Ink
Hi-Build Gloss Varnish
Thermochromatic Ink (Rub and Reveal)
Photochromatic Ink (Light Reactive)
Silver Latex (Rub and Remove)
Fragrance Burst (Rubber)
Fragrance Burst (Floral Bouquet)
Foam Blast
Laser Cutting
Foil Blocking
Screen Print

Basically this isn't a normal design book!! Definitely a worthy addition to your library!
check out for more info.

Oh, and before anyone asks...I'm not associated with ATTIK in any way - sorry if this reads like a gushing advert - I just love great design :) (and books) :icon_rolleyes:
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Yeah, this looks really amazing. Wish I had £65 to spare but I don't. I hear one of the designers actually moved into the printers for a few months while the project was ongoing!

I think one of my friends went to the launch of this in Leeds the other week.
Thanks for sharing this, ATTIK always produce fantastic design books and this one looks no different.
Great to see them taking some risks in order to push the boundaries and experiment.

Will be checking this out, thanks again
Thanks for posting. From what I could see on the website it looks to be more of an advert for the printer than the designer(s)