No wonder letterpress is so expensive!!


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Ordered 25 sheets of 630x480 540gsm Color Plan from GFSmith this morning.... £75!!!

But these are going to be some pretty awesome business cards!... Watch this space
and the bloke stood there printing each one. lol...

The card arrived this morning and my devious plan to produce poor mans letterpress is already underway!!...
I know its a bit cheeky, but if you are only after a small amount of b'cards (I think you can get about 48up from one of their large sheets - though don't hold me to that!) then you can ask for full sized sample sheets of GF Smith colourplan. And for blocking dies, if it is magnesium ones you require - contact Metallic Elephant, we use them for our dies to foil block boxes we produce. Hope this is a bit of help! :D
I've just got 56 from a 630x480 sheet.

No blocks required for this one because were using a stamp! :icon_biggrin: Hand printed cards for a hand made wedding stationery company! It's the imperfections that make them unique. :icon_wink:
maybe it was 148 from their large sheet then... silly memory! They sound good, will you post a photo when they are done? :p
Sure will! The stamp was ordered this morning and should be with us by Tues/Weds next week so expect pictures Thurs/Fri. :icon_smile:
As promised..


Will post some more pics when we've finalised the positioning of the stamp (think were going for portrait card with stamp across the upper 1/2)