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Hi guys,

This is my first post here. My company had a website for years, never got round to updating it we decided it really needed redesigning, here is what we come up with.

Any constructive criticism is welcome.

Web link

I hope that this is the right place to post this and that I'm allowed to write this type of post. Please forgive me if I'm not! I'm new to the forums!

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for feedback, yes thats not right get in touch button should be at top??, can you let me know what browser your using, please, so I can go see if i can get it to work.

Hi I really like it, particularly the subtle gradients and shadows.
If I was going to say anything (and these are small details) this is what I'd possibly look at:

- That navigation arrow in the top corner is a bit hidden - perhaps there is more you could with it.
- I might be inclined to mention the services on the home page and instead of a services page have an about page. The services page doesn't seem to add anything valuable.
- I might make a bit more of the portfolio button on the top - sort of entice the user to look at it.
- The trampoline logo - with the motion you have on the site, can you incorporate some trampoline bounce and logo to create a link between the two?

Looks nice!
The 'get in touch' is out of place on Firefox (3.6.28 on a Mac running 10.4.11)

I use the navigation buttons at the top.

Personally I would advise against having trampoline and bounce motion...
It looks really smart.

Couple of points - there's a lot of scrolling to find stuff (I didn't see portfolio etc button at first), and why are the images so BIG?!
Thanks for all the feedback. Have looked at the get in touch button hopefully sorted it!. Have been thinking the same about the navigation arrow tried it all different ways, prop keep looking at it until find the answer, lol. About US page being worked on and will add to website soon. The images scale to big so will prob make a max size for people on big computer screens.

Thanks very much.
Very nice website well thought out, particularly like the scrolling!

I like the icons for the ABOUT US section and the jolly nature of the info. Just something I found a little irksome was the info-pop-up covering up another icon when it opens, not a massive deal but I'm grumpy like that! Also, if it were me, I'd put the contact and address details in the ABOUT US section - might be just me but I did expect to find them there.

Otherwise, top site, great work.