New Web Designer looking for work & mentorship - London

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Hi, I'm recently studying web design and have already completed my graphic design certificate. I am living in London and looking for an internship or mentor to help me start my web design career. I have a masters degree from a UK university in International Business, have proven myself to be a reliable and hard working candidate.

Any advice or proposals about finding work in the UK would be appreciated.
I'd suggest your first port of call would be your university/college to ask if they have a mentoring scheme. Also, do they have a careers office? They can be very helpful and will give you a ton of info.

Depending on your age, you may be able to get help from Connexions and the Prince's Youth Business Trust.

Jobs are advertised in graphic design fora, publications, etc. But you also may want to try a spec approach - ie you send your targeted, focused CV to a named person in a design studio you'd like to for.