New UK based website


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Hi guys,

I was thinking about launching a website that will allow designers of all sorts to showcase their work. The website will have full profiles for each designer to upload their portfolios, both picture and video and the ability to like other peoples work. We will also have a section of the site allowing prospective buyers and employers to sign up so they can receive daily newsletters of the latest talent on the site. It will be similar to american design wesbite behance.

Basically i am looking some feedback to see whether or not you guys think that this would be a good idea.

Many Thanks,

There are many other websites like this also, so unless you are going to try a new approach to the idea or offer something different to everyone else or market it in a totally different way, then I think it is going to be very challenging making a success out of it. Remember its not an easy type of website to make and would require a lot of time and effort and potentially money if you are hiring people to make it. So you need to be happy that you have a good, innovative idea that is going to give people a reason to subscribe. At the moment it basically sounds like many already established websites...
to many people do it already man,,. if you have the money to compete then cool.. if not forget it. the sweetest ones now are using wordpress and they have it all sussed right out.. im from Scotland btw and have though about this for YEARS but i missed the boat. Too many people done it all around the same time and are dominating with it. Good for them but bad for us.. Its pissing in the wind tbh.