new to the the game...but here we go!


Hey all!

Little intro from me as I'm new on here and I'm slightly nervous at putting my work out there

a) I'm new to this and don't have much on there

b) not even sure if my work is any good!

But hey is there a designer out there who isn't insecure about their work??

Anyways I'm a 2nd year student at uni, slightly older though at 25 (did the kids thing VERY early in life), but decided to make something of my life and went back to uni to study what interests me. Hard going sometimes being a single parent at uni, but loving it all the same.

I have always loved art and design but my passion for design has grown and grown over the past 18 months.

I'm going to be extending my portfolio over the next few months as I know there are gaps, and here I go again justifying my lack of experience! HAHA

Be a little bit nice ;)


Graphic Design by Laura Dunn
Don't worry Laura, your work's great.

Just a thought, there's a few Laura Dunn's out there on Google, you might want to turn the text on the homepage that says 'About Me' into an H1 tag and put your full name in there. Something like "About Laura Dunn" or "Laura Dunn - Graphic Designer"

I like the Coombe Abbey cutout and the skateboard decks.

Thanks Pete :)

I appreciate the compliment! Its so hard as a newbie to know if your work is any good. I'm pretty sure I'll look back on all my work in 5 years and not like most of it!

Make your own Coombe Abbey was fun!! It was a nice day out taking photos and then cutting and sticking when I got home...could hardly call it coursework really!

thanks for the html tip, I'll do that now

Hi Laura.

Good to see you join up. I really like the background image on your site, and think with a little bit of work could have a very nice portfolio site, something unique. I like the use of typography too.

My main tip would be to remove the use of scroll bars. On viewing on 1024x768 you have to scroll accross to read your concept. Always design with the viewer in mind :).
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Hi, thanks for the reply!

If I'm totally honest I'm not sure what you mean! I knew I had scroll bar going down but not across??

I have a macbook 17" so difficult to see whats going on with other screen sizes and I'm not entirely strong with webdesign yet! My pc upstairs has a broken monitor so haven't been able to check it on there till I get it fixed.

Could you point me in the right direction of some help?

Thank you
Hi Laura,

Do you use FireFox?

If not, then install that on your mac book and get the Firesizer plugin.

This will let you set FireFox to 1024x768 with a click of the mouse and you can see if there are any browsing problems. Your screen resolution is obviousley higher than 1024x768 and you aren't seeing this second scroll bar.

thank you pixels! I have firefox, and checked my site through safari and that but yes I have resolution issues! hehe

thanks for the link