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Hi all,
As titled I'm new to graphic design after and long battle with myself from 16- 22 trying to figure out just what I want as my career and now I'm convinced this is it! My apologies if I've posted in the wrong section. I have an endless amount of questions I could ask you all but I'll start off wih asking is 22 a bit old to be thinking of starting from the beginning? and where's the best place to start, I'm told that taking a course ( £4000 i found a decent one for ) is a bit drastic as in graphic design qualifications don't matter as much as your portfolio. I know a few people in graphic design with thier own company and feel I could create oppourtunities working voluntary to start building one. Any help and advice will be greatly appriciated.

Hi there,
What kind of background do you have? I.e did you have an interest in art at school and have you had a dable in graphics before such as making posters or generally designing or making anything? Were you good at it / find it fun? You are never too old to learn and 22 isn't old so I wouldn't be worried about that. Graphic design is a notoriously tough industry to get into and you have to be good which takes time, but if you have contacts already then that's a great start. If you really are starting at the bottom then you have a lot of things to learn. I'm not saying a £4000 course is the way to go, but some kind of college course might be a good option for you.
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Hey there.

Until a few years ago I was in a similar position to you. I turn 26 next month and am about half way through my design degree. There's another girl on my course the same age and a few people on other pathways even older so it's never too old to get a degree.

Some courses (such as the one run by Shillington College) are a great way to build up a portfolio of great looking design in a short amount of time but I've find doing a degree has taught me so much about thinking differently and trying different approaches to things.

I personally don't like the idea of 'learning graphic design' in 3 months. Sure, you leave with a graphic design portfolio and a wealth of experience about working quickly on a Mac, but I can't imagine there being much time to experiment and develop ideas (which I think is much more important than being able to produce 'safe' design).