New to forum would love some advice


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Hello everyone,

I am actually new to this forum and wanted to see if I can find some general advice on my situation.
Currently, I am a Junior Designer. However, I have been dealing with design since 2019.
I find myself in a position where I know I can do more but I feel like 'others' are putting brakes on me.

My current job is a full-time role and I just really do corporate stuff some example are, banners, print posters, GIF and just generally smaller graphics / smaller projects.
I believe that I am being forcibly limited on what I can do, even though I worked on projects in a speedy environment.

I find myself in a position now, where everything that I am learning is through observation and trying to stipulate a brand as a freelancer / sole trader.
I would like to ask my current job if I can be awarded the title of mid-weight designer but not sure how to say it in a way where I don't sound pretentious nor cocky.

Overall, I want to build a brand and possibly create a website on Behance, because I saw some incredible things in there and majority of my inspiration is coming from those sites.
What is everyones experience with Behance? Is it good to find freelance work?

I have also made some of my text bold where I am effectively asking a question, because I know I have bombarded you with a lot of information.
Time, commitment, and constant work are necessary to construct a successful freelancing profession. Behance is only one component of the whole process, even though it has the potential to be a helpful tool. Enhance your abilities, cultivate relationships with other designers, and or possibilities to expand your freelancing clients.