New Social Network/E-commerce - JQuery, AJAX some SQL, HTML & CSS dev needed!


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Hi Everyone,

We’re currently looking for a developer who would like to join our project. We’re currently 60% complete the website and aiming to release BETA in December 2011/January 2012. We’ve completed the design of the website, created the SQL database and basically need a developer to help myself and Krystian to make the website functional. It’s a huge website and with pitching to investors in January, we would like someone to join our team to help release BETA.

We're currently in the process in raising investment - We've had communication from range of high profile VC's and Angel networks in London and a few VC's in the US, all have read our business plan. But we would like to have a BETA release to show investors in January. The VC's belief that our product has the potential to become a very powerful and profitable platform if we get the users and companies signed up. Obviously this is a big "IF"

I need to find a developer who wants to join our team. The idea we have is that someone to work with us in exchange on some equitity as the majority of the website is already built, however if the developer would prefer cash with the option of full time employment once we’ve received funding then I’ll be happy to look into this if the price is right. Once we receive investment they will then have the option to work with us full time and then help develop a team and move forward with the company.

I fully understand that at the moment there's not much we can offer but we hope that the equitity and the hard work from the developer can potentially make them rich. Also you will not be working on your own developing, you will be working with myself and Krystian. So it would be the three of us developing.

We would like to find a developer who has HTML/CSS, Jquery, and SQL knowledge. We would also like the developer to live in the London/Berkshire/ Buckinghamshire area. We want a developer who is enthusiastic ambitious, a team player and wants to make this product a National/global success.

If you’re interested please send me a text or phone call to 07515530218, or even send me a message on the forum. I'll hapilly disucss what we do and more information on our social network. Maybe even meetup to see if we think you’re the right developer to help us in our company.

I look forward to your response - Also admin if anything wrong with this post please let me know and I'll change it asap!