New site now live - Feedback


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Hi All!

Regular visitor / occasional poster – I am freelance designer relocating to Sydney in late September. My new site MMC went live today. If you know of anyone in Sydney who might have a use for my skills or if you own a studio and would like me to pop in and go through my folio get in touch.

Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated.

Also if you know of anyone interested in my work please pass on a link, tweet it or whatever you'd like.


I understand that you don't care about search engine optimisation at this point, but sort out <meta tags>

..all of them (not only the next mentioned one)

as i'm too lazy tonight (it is friday) here is quick one about Meta Description - it is too short as contains ONLY 3 characters. This is too short for what we would consider a 'robot friendly' description. The minimum number of recommended characters for this tag is 50.

or just paste your web address in both - Google and Yahoo to see how your website appears there (if you like that - that would be strange).

I agree with others - design is nice and neat :)

another 2 things:
1) center your website (check it on widescreen monitor)
2) regenerate and reupload the favicon (it looks as a black spot on low resolution monitors)

good luck :)