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Hi Guys,

New here! I've recently redesigned and rebranded my portfolio, would be interested to hear what you guys think as I don't know many people into design who can give me constructive comments! Really appreciate your time,


Took a while to load for me for some reason, also was looking for contact info which I realised was right at the bottom, I would put some form of contact at the top where it can easily be found.
Ok first things first your work is excellent. I really mean that.

But here comes the (constructive) critism...

I would loose the green, blue and black strip at the top of the page.. what is that there for? It clashes with your work and really distracts away from it...

Also please link your name at the top to your home page........ the figured out the 'X' button to go back but I shouldnt have to.. make it as easy and intuative to use as possible.

I would make the 'designer, photographer...' bit under your name a bit darker or bigger or something because I only actually saw that on my 2nd time through. You want that to be seen because if someone is looking for someone to do a certain type of work, you want them to know immediatley that you can do it.. that is pretty important in my opinion and atm you leave that really understated.

My attention was first drawn to the silly strip at the top (lose it), then I sort of scanned past your name and stuff to get to the work (more emphasis on your skills), then my patience was tested trying to get back (link your name), then I had to search for the contact button (make it "background-position: fixed;" or something).

Hope this is helpful :icon_smile:

This site has such potential, you are talented.