New Microsoft identity

I much prefer the real thing - that parallelogram idea is very familiar (ref? - escapes me at the moment) and it's application across the product range looks a bit clumsy. The new MS logo is clean, simple, modern and retains instant recognition through the simplification of the four coloured squares - basically adheres to the kind of advice you'd expect to see on GDF when someone asks for help with a logo.
I don't think it does anything at all to enhance or propel their brand forward though. It's a very pedestrian solution for a company supposedly involved in pushing the boundaries of technology?
I'd perhaps be inclined to agree if it weren't for the recognition element: if you can reduce your brand to four flat squares and everyone still knows who you are then you'd be a fool not to. I also think that, where mass market software is concerned, simplicity is one of the key ideas you want to communicate (Apple, for example, to whom you could argue this new brand owes a small debt).
I agree with Dave L. KPMG did that about 20 some years ago when they merged and rebranded from Peat Marwick; Four rectangles, clean typeface and clean colours, very Accountant-ie and crisp. It's actually worked quite well for them I think. Not so wild about the Microsoft logo myself, only because I don't like the colours and never have, but that's a personal pref, and as a rebrand I think it's pretty ok as it moves them away from that swooshy stuff they had previously, looks cleaner but is definitely still connected with their overall visual identity.
I'm with Tony. I'm not keen on the new Microsoft logo. In fact I've never liked any of the past versions, let alone this one. The shard does a lot more for me.
Although I agree with Arrivals in so much as I prefer the slate effort as an individual piece, I do also think along the recognition lines of what they have come up with. You just know that it's Microsoft - I appreciate that they're looking to show themselves as being more progressive, but in this instance I think that should be down to other areas of their branding as opposed to the logo itself, as currently people are aware of it.

It would be like McDonalds changing the yellow 'M', if they're looking to show a new direction, they should do it some other way, in my opinion.
dont like it, its poor tbh, prefere the old logo (the wavy squares) the new logo is just 4 blocks of colour.

.... wonder how many thousands of pounds this cost
Mixed feelings. The new MS logo ticks all the boxes, though for me it feels like it's lacking, almost like it just needs a little change or addition that I can't quite put my finger on to make it 'there'. I do quite like the Office mark, though it's annoying me slightly that the perspective/vanishing point doesn't match with the Windows logo.

I'm a bit confused by their incorporation of the old Windows logo (or a version of it at least) into the new Microsoft mark. I would imagine they'd want to be known for stuff other than Windows, but I guess MS will always be associated with Win OS no matter what so it makes sense to use it I suppose.

Probably better than what I could come up with anyhow.