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Hey Guys,

My latest project involves all the trimmings for a Car Repair Garage company and currently I am on the logo.

The main feature of this garage is that it can provide an MOT service, which is a theme that I tried to incorporate into the logo.

It has been designed so that it is versatile you can see in the link it can be used on both dark and light backgrounds.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

Test Page - Collossal Pixel – The Portfolio of Ali Hitch

Many Thanks,
The first thing that came into my head was the Mitsubishi logo although after a quick search online I now realise they are different.

Yes, I didn't notice that till after I had designed it. They are sort of similar, yet different. Appreciate the comment :)
I have to say the first thing I thought when I saw it was the Mitsubishi logo too. Yours is an upside down version of the graphic with shading and the word RG instead of Mitsubishi because it also has the word motors in the title.

I seriously think that RG Motors could have legal issues using this logo because it is very similar to Mitsubishi's logo and you are trading in the same area. Get yourself over to the Intellectual Property Office's website and have a read up on TM infringements
Really like the font you have used and the allignment involved, works well on both black and white. Have you experimented with placement of the image (such as below or above the RG Motors)?
Hi Ali,

Apart from the similarities to the Mitsubishi logo as already mentioned, I think the issue I have with the logo is that it looks too classy for a Car Repair Garage. Personally, I think it has the look & feel of a car showroom instead of a garage...especially the version on a black background. While I think the work you've done is fine, the logo isn't really treading ground that hasn't already been covered.

Maybe a visit to a few car garages in your area would spark something in your imagination that leads you down a completely different path? There are some fantastic opportunities to do things with the typography which would give your project a unique look & feel and could move it up to the next level. Instead of emulating what you've seen a million times before, think about how you could create a logo that meets the spec of the design brief but also makes your work interesting and fun to work on.

Sorry for not being completely positive but hopefully, with all of the feedback you receive, your design will improve as a result.

Good luck

Hey Scott,

Of course! All feedback is appreciated's the only way anybody will ever improve.

I understand where you are coming from on the 'too classy' bit ...but on the 'go back to the design brief', this project is for a friend starting his business but is not very internet/tech savvy and when I asked him about the design of logo and website and what he wanted, the answer was, 'I have no idea, just do it'. So really, this design is mine not his in essence.

The reason it is 'too classy' is that I searched for hours on the internet, rival local garages and the such for my research. I was astonished that apart from the big players (AA, RAC etc) the logos were unbelievably awful my mind I would not have gone to any of the garages with those sites, purely because in my mind, if they cannot be bothered to look after their website, what else aren't they bothered to do properly?

Having said that, I can still 'dumb-it-down' so to speak but still keep the high quality. It's designed in illustrator so what ever the design the quality will be high I suppose! :icon_smile:

Many Thanks Again,

P.S - Just had a look at your site Scott guys at DesignMatic have some quality stuff going on there, impressive!
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Hi Ali,

Cheers for clarifying the background behind the design :)

I think a lot of the time, a client will see something and then want a designer to replicate the same style for their business (even if it isn't quite applicable)...maybe in this case, you can do a version that the client might want and then another version where you push the boundaries a bit?

I agree that probably 95% of all local garages in your research had absolutely horrible logo's. While it's important for the customer to receive a service that's fast, reliable and within budget from these garages, there should be a local garage that makes that extra effort and have an identity and printed material that set's it apart from their competitors.

Instead of dumbing down your logo, maybe one avenue you could explore is to look to vintage garage signs and create a modern twist on this?

By all means keep posting your designs of here as I'd be interested what design you finally come up with.

Kind regards


ps. Thanks for the kind words about the work on my website, much appreciated :)
Hey Ali

I like the logo.. except looking at it from a business perspective, you need to consider if the business will expand in the future. The logo to me says MOT, but what if the business moves away from that in the future and goes into something completely different?

I also like your website but you might want to look at how it works with IE :icon_wink:

Hey Basem,

Yes I know :icon_mad: Can't microsoft just get rid of the rubbish that is IE so the rest of us can create websites without all of the hassles that IE brings with it.

Luckily the website isn't finished and that is on my to-do list :icon_smile:

True, the logo needs to stand the 'test of time'! Whether or not the company does. Another good point, thanks!

If only! When it comes to testing, theres a free tool online u can download. its called ietester..

..should make life easier for u :icon_wink: