New(ish) to Social Media + SEO [Tips Please]


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Hi Guys,

I have finally signed up to a few social media networks and was wondering whether anyone had and tips or advice into making the most out of them. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment, as it's difficult keeping up to date and active on so many of these kind of sites. Are there certain sites I should be focusing on more? I find Twitter quite easy to grasp, and Google+ kind of makes sense but Dribble and Pinterest i'm not so sure about? I don't quite get what i'm meant to do with them yet, I need to look into them more. Also I have been reading up on SEO, as I have a very basic understanding of it, if anyone can lend any advice on how I should go about improving my SEO I would really appreciate it. I am also new to Blogging and have only just started my very first blog a couple of weeks ago. For the SEO, should I be uploading linked images of some sort, relating to my blog posts? Should I also be including links to certain key words in my blogs and if so, do I need to get permission from whoever 'owns' the url I am linking to? (If that makes sense?) Or am I completely mistaken about SEO? I know some of this stuff must be obvious but I want to be sure, as the moment I am just reading up and trying different things, hoping for the best. It would be good to know the right and efficient way to go about these things.

Also, I have been getting what I can only consider as Spam, about SEO plugins that I can use to help bring traffic to my website. I haven't looked into these as they sound a bit dodgy. Should I stay clear or does anyone have any recommendations? And is there a way to stop receiving these spam comments in my CP or is it a matter of me continuing to 'add to spam' and 'permanently deleting'?

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

Oh and before I forget. If you are a member of any (or all) of these, please follow me on:





It would really help me out and it would be great to be able to follow and get in contact with other designers and creatives like yourselves.

Thank you.