New Graphic Art portfolio - critique please

Hi Chris,

I'm personally not overly keen on the web banner/logo but thats just my opinion (and therefore that doesn't make me right!). Some of the images also took an age to load...


The work itself is really nice. I love your use of typography :icon_smile:

Perhaps experiment with different web layouts/styles, etc and you would be IMO onto a winner.

Good luck
I really like your design work and think that it is a good portfolio of what you do but you don't really explain the site anywhere, I think that to show off your portfolio of work better you could include some text.
i'm confused. text where?

I have an information page with details. I don't want to give myself a title like; graphic designer/typographer or whatever. From my work you can see what I do.

Is that what you meant?

Thank you for the feedback
Webdesignernew, I think you may have missed the explanations you were looking for, if you scroll down the pages Chris has given good overviews of the projects.

Chris you clearly have talent! The only comment I could make would be that perhaps the photos of the work are a little too abstract. But I would also say that some agencies would like the abstract nature of your photos.
The selection areas don't seem to be working too well either (well not in Firefox anyway).
Thank you,

do you mean selection areas of the navigation? I had trouble with that yesterday I had a div that controlled the links and it was set to 100px padding so the selection area was far far away, haha. I thought I fixed that though. Please let me know if you spot other problems.

Abstract photos? any examples? Well I see your point but I call it selective viewing, where I choose the bits of my work that I want to focus in on. I did have trouble when photographing the SHCHI book as it's A6 perfect bound so the spine isn't very flexible and I didn't want a photo with my thumb in it. Also that project had many different elements to it, the dust cover, the bound cover, the photography and my artist response section. I got a little confused as what to tackle first. I think I might re-photograph that.

Yes if you could point out the projects that you feel are too far the other way in abstractness then i'll be able to address them.

Thank you
Chris, yeah I was referring to the navigatio selectio areas - it was yesterday when they weren't working and now they are fine.
On the Dust book - perhaps the photos of the Russian community should be shown in the book rather than on their own.
The rest of the photography is fine.