New Female Clothing Brand....

Hello to all...

I came by this forum by accident or fate? Time will tell on that I guess, I was searching around the web for potential clothing logo graphic designers, I run a merchandise company currently selling other companies clothing brands through online retail space, however I am looking to close this out in the near future and release my own quirky womens clothing brand.

I'm looking to find somebody who can create fantastic brand awareness to my new clothing line with a striking main logo which will be carried through my whole line of clothing, labels, swing tags etc along with many added logos/captions and graphics dependant on clothing styles.

My clothing brand is going to be aimed at females, target audience around age 16 through to around 30 years old. My brand will consist of Hoodies, Joggers, Tops and Underwear.

I have basic ideas to work from and know how I want my brand to come over to my customers, I'm looking for somebody to work with directly on this.

This could be a great oppurtunity for a budding freelance designer who has a keen eye for quirky female fashion trends.

Currently in ideas stage money is tight but I'm very hopefull I can get this brand out there and with that reveune for all involved could grow and grow.

I'd be very interested in hearing from any freelance designers who are interested in this project.

Thanks for reading

Can I just check,.. you do have a budget to pay a designer for the branding work don't you? From the wording of your post, it's quite hard to tell if this is the case.
I would not expect anybody to work for free in any form of business unless charity work which this is not.
TJR Merchandise Ltd is a active company and will be of course paying anybody it hires for work like graphic design etc.

Many Thanks