new digital skills advice for career


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Hi all, as mentioned in my intro post, I've been working with mainly print design within a few in-house marketing firms. The last 4 years its been mainly type setting with very little creative design opportunities. Unfortunately I've been told that ill be loosing my job soon so will be looking for a new job. Ive been looking for a while and noticed very few print design jobs advertised (I'm based in Glasgow), the majority of jobs advertised are Graphic/Digital Designers with experience in web, mobile, social and emerging platforms, as well as, print experience.
Could anyone advise me on what/how i should be learning to help me gain some of the more digital skills. What exactly are employers looking for when they advertise, must have social media skills? And how much is basic knowledge of HTML, CSS etc. needed.
I feel pretty nervous as it is going for a designers job as my creative side has slipped within the last few years due to just mainly typesetting all the time, so the added pressure of not having any digital experience is making it difficult to stay positive about new jobs.