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We have developed some software that can be installed on mobile phones. Nothing new there I guess, but we have had considerable interest in the product and yet we still have not come up with a suitable company logo.

The website, should you fancy a quick look, is called

The logo on the front screen has been, well, let’s say has been dismissed as not very suitable :icon_Wall:

So what we are looking for is a company logo that will eventually be displayed on every mobile phone that has this software installed. The same design will be included in the website as well.

A challenge or something that comes second nature to you???

We would welcome your thoughts and indeed, we would be prepared to negotiate a payment for the accepted design.

Thanks for your time.


Ian L.

No offence my friend but nobody on here is going to send you designs without a good deposit first .
Hi, I'll send you a PM, however, I will need a deposit first. I don't know many designers who will start any work without a deposit.



Thanks for the reply.
Fully understand... we will be looking at all of the portfolios initially to see which capture our attention. We'll then be only too pleased to move this forward and not only request the company logo but to ask for a website as well.

Hope to speak to you soon?

Thanks to all that have replied. We have now got a handful of designers to look at the product logo and website. The best 'sketch' will win the contract.

Once again...thanks.

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