New Business Card Idea


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I am currently doing a project on promotional products, ie branded products that businesses give away for free, things like that, and I started thinking of business cards, why cant the business card be considered more of a product as opposed to something we take, put in our pocket and then lose/ throw away/ file away and never remember or see again? Imagine a thin plastic or metal business card, say for a British airways executive, where the bottom half of the business card, underneath all the vital details, is a sprue toy airplane, ( a sprue is one of those toy sets where you break parts off of flimsy frames to then assemble them together). So the person who received this card would then take it to their desk, assemble the little plane and would then be less likely to throw it away and forget about it, the rest of the business card could then be used as a book mark or something. What do you guys think? Any feedback would be very helpful.