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After almost 4 years of working on Bleed Ink it's time to say goodbye to the old girl and move on to a new venture.

We (my fiance and I) started Bleed Ink to provide a top quality, yet affordable design and print service, and to some extent we've been quite successful in doing that. However over the past 12 months the work coming into the business has changed dramatically. We've seen a steady decline in the level of print work we're taking on, and a rapid incline in web based projects, to the point that the split is now 20:80 in favor of web. Given this change, we've decided that we want to continue to offer a print service but focus on the digital side of life and unfortunately the name Bleed Ink doesn't work when you remove the print connotations.

We've spent spent some time working with an agency who focus on branding and have decided to relaunch the business under the name "Four Colours Pixel". It's going to be a somewhat soft launch as we phase out the Bleed Ink brand but I'm hoping it'll be a welcome change and the start of great new things.

There's no site to look at yet, just a holding page at Four Colours Pixel - web and print coming soon but I'm hoping to have it ready for launch at the beginning of January.
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Its a smart move, we have seen a huge increase in digital and an almost equaly sized drop in the request for print. At current we only have 1 print project on the go as opposed to 5 digital. Good luck Dave