New Apple Mac Laptop Announced Tomorrow - 14th October

Just wondering if you use your laptop just for taking to meetings with clients etc and have a main desktop PC at your office?

I used to have a Sony VAIO laptop only at one point, the damage working on that did to my back and neck :icon_crying:, much happier sat at a desk with my desktop PC now.
Thats right, I'd use it for meetings out of the office, accessing internet /blogging etc while travelling etc

I certainly could NOT design on a laptop, although I know some people do and that's fine if that's what they prefer. Like you said Boss I wouldn't recommend using a laptop for long periods, if its not on a desk at least.

Though I did used to work in an office space with 2 ladies who just used their laptops and they were fine, each to their own!
Yeah I'm not over wowed either, its a great design, interesting engineering and a great in terms of its lack of impact on the environment. But its expensive... still.