Need your professional advice on my logo


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Hey everyone,

I really would appreciate some advice from professional designers.

I have registered my own company Venus Cloud Ltd and have hired professional logo designers to create a brand for me. I am now in revision phase and I am not sure how to improve it further. I am kind out of ideas. I need advice from some neutral parties, since my designer wants just to get the job done. ;)

First of all about the company:

Venus Cloud Ltd is a software solution company offering 'Software as Service' over internet. 'Software as a Service' or SaaS is a term to describe software solutions that are accessed via a browser over the internet as opposed to being installed on the user's PC. A central scalable database and server will have to host the software. The classic approach is to host the database on a single server location running 24/7. At Venus Cloud we are offering our solutions on a Microsoft Cloud data centre across the globe with a higher availability and scalability than a single host. The software solutions hosted on Microsoft Cloud technology are accessible online over a number of devices such as Windows Phone, Laptops, PCs any time, anywhere.

Venus Cloud offers diverse software solutions for small businesses. Each software solution is its own product on its own rights. Customers are of adult age group both female and male. Customers would pay monthly subscriptions for the software solutions.

In the long run we might also provide individually tailored software solutions for a company on order basis and host their product on the cloud.


The logo shall represent visually the two words Venus Cloud as a modern Web 2.0 icon. At this stage its about branding the company name rather than a product.

Click to open in full screen:

What do you think? Which one of the five and how to improve that one even further?

Many Thanks,
Honestly? I think it looks a bit overcooked, a bit literal and a bit outdated.

And that final Venus is Saturn, surely?
I see your point.

Perhaps just the green planet and the cloud alone would be enough?
I mean if you google Web 2.0 icons, like facebook, skype and twitter, they are all very simple, no?

What do you suggest?

Back ground would be white eventually btw.

Many Thanks,
They're very dated already, they rely on gradients and effects too much, they probably wouldn't transfer to black and white very well without work and as Dave mentioned, they're very literal (a 'planet' and a cloud', very unimaginative).

They don't really say much about your company, aside from your company name. Take that away, and it's just a ball with a cloud and it's not unique to you or your company.

Did you by any chance go with one of those "5 designs for $150" websites?
Yes Paul. I went with that offer from the Logo Company.

Half of the 5 initial designs were too amateurish, even for an untrained eye like myself.

And this one is one of the better logos.

Can you show me a portfolio of good Web 2.0 icons?

I don't know maybe I can make use of the Money back guarantee and get the money back.

The problem is also being on a bootstrap start up budget and not having been paid for over a month, doesn't leave me much room to maneuver. :icon_Wall:

I understand your predicament. If you can, I would advise you to get your money back, and although it will probably cost you a little more, it's well worth investing in a real professional designer. Despite popular belief, those sorts of sites aren't professional, and they don't understand your needs, they just want to give you some crap design and take your money asap.

Someone who specialises in branding and identity will understand your needs and create something unique to you that communicates effectively.

We have our own job section.

Tenders & Services Required Forum: - Graphic Design Forums: UK forums for graphic designers

You can post your job there and professional designers will contact you and be able to give you a quote based on your needs.

I know that's it's easy for me to say, but it's worth investing in your company's identity as it's the first impression people have of you. If it looks amateurish, sadly they'll instantly associate your business with being amateurish, which obviously can have a negative effect on your profits.
They're very dated already, they rely on gradients and effects too much, they probably wouldn't transfer to black and white very well without work and as Dave mentioned, they're very literal (a 'planet' and a cloud', very unimaginative).

I agree with Paul and Dave completely. I don't use gradients at all. They don't translate well and they look dated. There are ways of incorporating this into artworks and a professional would be able to do this without a problem. This logo will be hard to use in mono and it won't be easy to photocopy for example.

As Paul says, why don't you get your money back and put the job up on here? Although you may have to part with a bit more money, you will get a better finished product.
Thanks Paul,

I just have posted there. Let see if the quote are affordable. In that case I would ask for the money back and invest it here.

Hello there, I feel the logo is along the web 2.0 look (everything shiney and button like!).
Bit busy and a bit literal, it's more a graphic than a brand.

Is this brand going to be in print? If so I would avoid the shiny gradient stuff as it can look a bit nasty when it leaves the screen, just thought I would mention. I had to work on a lot webby graphics in the last company.
Maybe mixing the world with actual type might me a good avenue?


It's business, not just creativity

In agreement with everyone's comments here. When having a design created it's important to be practical as well as creative and original. Here are some things to think about ...

- Can it be printed tiny and look good still and be readable?
- Can it be embroidered onto a shirt?
- Will it work in black and white?
- Does it use design features that are 'trendy'. If so even if it looks great now - in 2yrs your logo will look hideous. Logos need to at least attempt to stand the test of time.

You need a designer that knows more than just about software and creativity and instead also understands BUSINESS.

Thanks you Amanda and Jim.

I have received a number of PMs regarding the job.

It has been very busy days, I will try to answer your initial PM and introduce myself and the job more in detail.

Please be patient.

Kind Regards,