Need to print a coupon booklet


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good afternoon everyone,

we are working on a new coupon booklet product and we are looking for a company able to print it. The booklet will be as follow

  • DL format (210mm x 99mm).
  • 204 pages full colour throughout.
  • 100 inner unique coupon with perforation ( 20mm from the binding ).
  • Front cover in full color.
  • Back cover most likely in Black.
  • Perfect binding.

We're still not sure what kind of paper would be the best for the inner coupons, maybe be 80gms and 130gms for the front/back cover.

We'll start with a very small quantity ( up to 100 ) but will raise to 5.000 / 10.000 soon.


We see this type of spec request a lot. Never viable (PB) at such small volumes. Need to start larger - make sure you have a critical mass / tipping point of advertisers with you before first run (or be bold in your business plan).