Need to be able to get emails @ work @ home and on Iphone

Right guys im pretty useful on computers etc but this is a little beyond me, basically i want to be able to grab all my emails from my work PC via my iphone whereever i am, and also from a Mac powerbook from wherever i am?

I need it so regardless if i pick an email up on the iphone it still also goes to my inbox at work and id also be able to grab in at home or out and about on the mac powerbook??

Does that make sense?

What do i need to do? who do i need to speak to?
easy peasy.

find your incoming server name (normally, your outgoing server name (normally, get your username, your password, and your website address (, and enter them into the mail clients.
Make sure to remember and setup the option of 'leaving a copy on the server'. This way you will be able to download the same email on all different computers and phones...
great, so would you say to leave a copy on server for a week or so?

is it also possible to grab files from my work pc from iphone or mac laptop whereever i am?
Okay, you have a work pc, a MacBook and an iPhone.

You have one email address, [email protected]

setup each computer/phone to download emails from the server of the email account. Set it to leave the emails on server after download, for 30 days.

This means if you go on holiday for 2 weeks, when you come back you can still get all emails you miss on all computers.

Does that make better sense?
This is possible, but how you set it up depends on your mail system, I'm assuming it's POP based in which case the instructions someone else provided alreayd are correct. If you had an Exchange server then you can configure it to wotk using your outlook web access address and login details, but since you have a mac I'm assuming you're not using an exchange server!
Allegedly you can use googlemail to retrieve emails from multiple addresses, for those who don't have an exchange server. Definately something worth looking at.