Need someone to create vector images of a simple product

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I am looking for a graphic designer to create vector images for a product that I am planning to have manufactured.

The product will be patterned cotton hair towels/turbans. I have 4 designs in mind and have 4 VERY rough pictures of what I am after.

Images that I would need are as follows;-

1 image per design (4) of the print/pattern to be used

2 images per design (4) of the print on the towel (shown in 2 different positions)

1 image of the template of the towel from the 'outside' showing elastic loop and measurements

1 image of the template of the towel from 'inside' showing where the label would be situated
I would also like an image of my logo - I have a font in mind I would like to use, I just need it to be in vector format and colour changed slightly.

If anyone has any experience in something remotely like this please get in touch. It's hard to explain what I require in a message so please contact me if you need more detailed information.

I have had previous graphic design work done in the past, albeit a few years ago, so any potential designers interested please could you give me a rough quote for price and timeframe.

Thanks, Amy
I have found a graphic designer to help me with this job, unfortunately I can't delete this post! Sorry to waste anyones time, but you'd think deleting it would be a simple task..
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