Need some opinions ;)


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Hello everyone,

I've made a logo for a sound engineer, producer who calls himself lcbeatz quite unknown, but i would love to hear some opinions on this logo.


Best regards, Marcuss
I like it:

The type is perfect but the sound waves are too thin.
Also is that a vinyl deck or a CD deck - If vinyl it could do with a stylus or something.

Nice work!
Agreed, the lines need to be alot thicker otherwise they will be lost when reduced in size.

Could you make it simpler by taking the legs off the deck?
Do they need to be on it at all?
Overall looks good and fits the intended audience.

The font is good and works well but some of the letters look out of place the "z" doesn't look the rightsize compared to the others. Also could the arm of the "T" be moved up slightly to line up with the top of the "Z"?

Just being picky, overall I really like it!
Yeah I agree the font is great - I think the z doesn't look the right size because the arm of the t is too low so should look right when the arm is moved up level with the top of the z.
Thank you guys for your comments, it really does help to improve myself.
I took your ideas and this is where i ended up so far.

The client almost took the first tryout with those legs, but yes he liked it pretty much as i saw in his eyes ;) actually i think i could have done better, just dunno where i went wrong, however, i appreciate all your help :) Thanks
I would say if members here say they like it and they think it's great, take that and run with it! They would tell you if they thought it was rubbish:icon_wink:

We all think we can do better, it's in our nature, even if it's the most excellent thing we've created.
Maddy is correct, designers are some of the most self-critical people on the planet!

That's why it's always good to get some outside opinions, especially if you work alone.