Need some logo advice


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Hi ! my name is mariah and I am a graphics designer and doing it for more than 5 years now. I normally design and edit photos such as clipping and removing background and enhance and correct lightning. I now want to start making logos as it is very demand able too. So people can you help me and guide me about getting the idea of howto make a logo according to the client?. I mean please share your experience about how you got started and what path did you follow.


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The best and Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design:

Fist Is you need to know about brand make sure that you have some insight of the brand. Keep this in mind that the logo must reach a particular set of people, which is the target market and target customers. And secondly the most important thing is your logo fully capable of representing your business.


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Designing a logo in isolation is a pretty pointless exercise. It’s not about pretty. Learn about branding. The logo is only a visual mnemonic for all the emotional capital of a brand. This is not going to be an overnight job. It is a pretty intense subject and there is a lot involved, including a bit of psychology, market research, etc, etc. Read Wally Olins ’on brand’ as a starting point and be prepared to keep on reading. Please don’t get involved in the £50 a logo market. The world is already over-polluted with it as it is.