Need Some Feedback


Hi All

It has been a very long time since I last posted anything on here and boy have there been a few changes since the days of 2009 - when I was initially a member. However, I'm still very much in to my website design / development but I tend to focus more of my time working on my own companies website, which I'd like to get some feedback on.

The website went live in January 2013 and has enjoyed modest sales up until this week. I've checked the website and there are no problems from what I can see and I've had feedback on the website saying its very clean cut and easy to use etc. Now I'd like to open the website up for other professionals to go in and take a look and I'd love to hear your feedback so I can make develop the website accordingly.

The URL is E3 Mobile - Smartphones, Mobile Accessories, Tablet Cases & More

Thank you all so much :)
Looks like what it is to me - I'm sure there are better and worse ways to go about this sort of thing but I reckon you're fitting the bill.
The samsung s4 slider image is hideous and needs to be fixed. cut and pasting to make image longer, bad. The button bad.
Hi Rob, your site look nice and clean, the navigation is easy to use and for the most part the layout if very nice. I have to agree with the last post about the Samsung slider image though, get yourself a bigger stock image rather than the copy and paste, other than that its a nice design.
Hi All,

Many thanks for your feedback, I agree with both of you on the slider image, I tried to make it myself - and unfortunately when it comes to design I'm not the best - hence the poor graphic. I will get this sorted and go from there.

Many thanks again for your feedback.
That's very useful... many thanks for that. I'm going to get in touch with my own distributors and see if they can provide me with artwork for some of the products & accessories we do.. :).
Just use Google Chrome, go to the S4 website, inspect elements and look under the resources tab to explore all the graphics used by the site. Will be best to get permission to use them though.