Need logo for new skate brand


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Hey Guys. I am starting up a new independent skate brand. And I would like you guys to create a logo and graphic for a Brand Called BrainDed. It has to be dark, Cartoony and a crude image. If I select your logo and graphics you will get designer credit

Thank you


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wow that is such a fantastic offer..... I'll just drop all of my paid jobs to do your job for free :rolleyes:

We don't do free work round here, most of us are professionals who do this for a living, if you'd like to make a serious job offer including price, time frame etc I'm sure someone would be more than happy to help you out.


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Hey JaketheSnake1 I will make this very simple.There are many things in life I would like, for example, I would love a night of passion with Katy Perry, but unfortunately (Unless I get very very very lucky) its not going to happen.


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When will this trend of misspelling words or adding a Z instead of an S to make brand names "cool" "hip" and "down with it" ever end!?