Need help with this new brief (uni student)

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hey hey! i'm a graphic design student 2nd year and i'm really struggling with this brief that i was given. my brains on shut down mode so i just can't think, really annoying! so please help anyone who can give me ideas, here's the brief as it is on the page given to me:

this years theme is 'voice'

you are asked to produce an extensive piece of sequential work that will attempt 'to tell a lie convincingly'. The lie that you will tell is of your own choice, this may be humorous, serious, ironic etc

example: eating crust makes your hair curly
your government will take care of you
newspapers always tell the truth
anti wrinkle creams work

you must adopt the standpoint of telling a lie with absolute conviction and certainty no matter how unbelievable or surreal it is. try to be imaginative in your response and the work should be persuasive, dynamic and energetic.

you may choose to look at political propaganda posters, advertising or the portrayal of current event in the popular media for your approach to this brief.

thats the brief now some one please help me with some initial research direction and any general help really... i would very much appreciate it thanks x
this is an interesting one!

Firstly, I would look at the history of advertising, particularly the era of 1950's - 1970's in America. There's some real crazy stuff like doctors recommending particular brands of cigarettes,etc. Back then advertising standards were much more relaxed and all manner of fictitious claims were made about how smoking was good for you,etc. I guess they do it today as well but not so blatantly in some cases. I have some books at home which i will need to dig out to find the titles of. They may be helpful in terms of research. It's a difficult brief to interpret that's for sure but maybe that's one direction for you to explore?

When you begin to think about it...we are lied to in one way or another every day by politicians, corporations, newspapers...the list goes on.

Could you flip an old saying on it's head? "The camera never lies" for instance. I reckon you could have a lot of fun with that.

I'll let you know if any more thoughts pop into my head but hopefully that gives you something to think about?

hahah, liked this one "your government will take care of you" - must be my wierd soh but I picture a politician banging another nail in your coffin with a cheesy smile on his face while posing for the camera ;)