Need help with regulations


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I am new here, but i hope to find some help for a question that i found myself stuck on. The idea is to make a website that would have part of the website where you could download free software from a different website like Filehippo or CNET. The question is can i make links to a different website so that people could download software legally, do i break a law by doing so or do i need to contact a web-master for any details if Terms and conditions do not provide that type of information..

Thank you in advance.
Not sure about hot linking direct to the software files, a lot of these sites allowing the download of freeware make their money from advertising, hot linking direct to the file will not be something they are happy about as nobody would get to see the adverts.

I don't see a problem linking to the page where the software can be downloaded from though, if in doubt all you have to do is ask them :icon_smile:

Hope that helps.
(Not that I've ever done this or condone it) but I heard a rumour that sites that show films for free online sometimes link to other websites are illegal. So whether it is different for files I don't know, sorry.